Fast-Food Restaurants and What to Order from Each One

Fast-Food Restaurants and What to Order From Them

Let’s just take a moment to think about how much fast-food places have evolved. The rising rates of obesity have put fast food places in the spotlight. This has resulted in several changes like the requirement of calorie counts to be available at restaurants with 20 or more locations. Additionally, many fast-food establishments have reduced the fat content in several items and added more healthy items to the menu including junior sizes, salads, and fruit. Despite these positive changes, portion sizes have increasingly become larger resulting in higher calorie foods. 

As dietitians, we get it. At some point in your lifetime, you have eaten or will continue to eat at a fast-food restaurant. Whether it's the convenience, you are on the go, accessibility, the taste, or all of the above, fast food will most likely be part of our lives. We can all pretty much agree that they are not known for their abundance of nutrient rich foods. But, they can be really helpful when you are in a pinch, satisfy a craving, or just looking to take a break from cooking. While it is not ideal to dine out at fast-food restaurants all of the time, having a meal once in a while can certainly fit into a healthy lifestyle without destroying ALL of your nutritional goals. In the end, it’s about balance.

Choosing a healthy food item when you are dining at a fast-food restaurant can often be difficult. Some menu items can be deceiving by being really high in calories even when they look more nutritious. Lucky for you, we researched the menus to find the most nutritious options! Below you will find a list of the most common fast-food restaurants and what to order from each one. We also included the calories for you.

Not seeing your favorite fast food restaurant on the list? Reach out to us and we can help you navigate the menu. 

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