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RxRD Nutrition serves clients of multiple age ranges and physical ability. Whether you're looking to train for a competition or simply improve your overall health, we have a plan to help you achieve better nutrition.

Matt currently works with anyone from teenagers to their parents, high school athletes to NFL football players, Olympic athletes and all of those in between.

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RxRD Nutrition
Matt Dengler M.Ed, MS, RDN, LDN
Registered and Licensed Dietitian in Charlotte, NC

Matt has worked with hundreds of clients and has helped them reach their body composition, nutrition, and lifestyle goals. The transformative nutritional changes have led to more energy, improved digestion, better sleep, and improved performance in the gym or sport.

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Different plan options to match your lifestyle and goals.

Meal Plan Only

Healthy accountability

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Daily eating recommendations, detailed grocery list and more

Double Accountability Plan

Reach performance goals

Pantry makeover, weekly check-ins and workout-based eating recommendations

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“My brother helped me lose 52lbs and counting! My meal plan was super easy to follow, only included foods that I liked, and I never felt hungry or deprived. I would recommend him to everybody, not because he is my brother, but because he PROVIDES RESULTS!”



With the increase of energy, I was able to reduce the number of resting days each month resulting in the development of new lean muscle mass. Thanks to the increase in calories and not so restrictive meal plan, I have been able to add things I love to eat without hurting my overall body composition.



I signed up to make sure I get to where I want to go. I learned so much from Matt!! It was well worth every penny!


Why RxRD?

Client Testimonial: Sarah shares her experience with RxRD Nutrition
Looking for more than body composition help?

Matt has extensive work with clients suffering from nutritional ailments that require medical nutrition therapy such as: Obesity, Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes, IBS- Constipation, IBS- Diarrhea, Chron's disease, Celiac disease, lactose intolerance, PCOS, bariatric surgery, food allergies/ intolerances, and others. Find out what can be done to help you perform your best!

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