Nutrition Challenges


Separate your gym from the competition by hosting a nutrition challenge. RxRD will provide you with everything you need to help your clients achieve results and improve their health. To make things even better, hosting a challenge is a great way to make extra money each month for your gym.

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RxRD Nutrition Challenges
Benefit your clients

This is an opportunity for your clients to learn more about what to eat, how much to eat, and when to eat in order to reach their desired body composition. They will receive recommended goals from a Registered Dietitian. This program is designed to work far beyond the 8 week challenge.

RxRD Nutrition Challeneges
Benefit your gym

Having a nutrition challenge run by a Registered Dietitian can help separate you from your competition. Your gym will have an exciting new way to engage with your clients while they get results they're proud to tell their friends about. The challenge helps build community while allowing you to make extra money from the program.

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RxRD will provide all necessary waivers, intake forms and help clients set their goals. Get started and announce the prize for your winner!
RxRD Nutrition
RxRD Nutrition

What's included?

Initial and final InBody assessments
60 minute nutrition seminar
Two 1-on-1 consults with Registered Dietitian, Matt Dengler
Customized calorie and macronutrient breakdown
Private Facebook group
Frequently Asked Questions

We require at least 10 sign-ups for the challenge

The rate for RxRD is $150 per person, but anything you charge over that goes straight to your gym. Most gyms we have worked with charge anywhere from $175 to $250 per person.

We offer coaches a discounted $100 rate and owners can participate at no charge. 

Yes! We recommend your gym encourage the participants by offering a prize to the winner (or top winners). Most gyms give a free membership or free apparel, but you can do whatever you want.

In addition, RxRD will provide the winner with a gift card for our services. All challenge members will receive discounted rates to continue to work with RxRD after the challenge, which never expires.


The RxRD Nutrition Challenge brings real results

This was my favorite nutrition challenge ever! Once I added a protein shake, I felt like hitting my numbers five days a week was doable. Being able to relax a little on the weekend made it sustainable, and I'm planning to continue counting even with the challenge being over. I got a little frustrated because I really wasn't losing much weight, but I felt better and it was fairly easy to do, so I stuck with it. I'm glad I did. I saw a drop in body fat % on my scan, and I definitely feel less doughy. :)

I think the biggest thing for me in this challenge was learning that I wasn't eating near enough. It took a while, but in the last several weeks my endurance has skyrocketed! I used to always be the last finished in the WODs because I had to keep taking short rests. Now I'm able to hang with the best in my class. My biggest obstacle, aside from eating all the food I needed to, was staying motivated. I feel like I've only started seeing physical results in the last week. Now that I am seeing results, I think that this is something I can do for the long term.

I'm feeling and seeing the results and this is worth it. Not just how my body changed and what I can achieve, but the meal prep helped us a lot too because we had more time during the week after a long workday + CrossFit.Another positive feeling is how my skin changed, especially my face. My skin is now much better and I feel great with it.

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