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Growing up I’ve always been a bigger guy and I thought thats the way it will always be. I’ve tried dieting here and there but like most people, I had little success. It wasn’t until looking at pictures of myself at my 30th birthday party (before picture) that I realized that I needed to make a commitment to make some serious changes. I was originally reluctant to reach out to my big brother for help because I thought I could do it all by myself and didn’t want to admit I needed some help. But with some guidance from my wife, I asked Matt to build me a meal plan.

Matt couldn’t have made it any easier, I met with him for 60 minutes, we talked about my goals, I gave him my food preferences, my schedule, and he did all the rest. The meal plan he made for me didn't require me to restrict calories or eat “healthy” foods that I hated like kale. Instead, the meal plan included only foods that I liked which made it much easier to follow. In addition to the meal plan, he provided a ton of recipes that my wife and I use frequently.

The thing that really helped me the most was his ability to hold me accountable. He made me fill out my food intake on MyFitnnessPal and he provided me feedback so I could make sure I was avoiding pitfalls. He even assigned me “homework” to prove that I was doing my part. By providing accountability and a ton of support he really helped me throughout my weight loss journey. I would recommend him to anybody and not just because he is my brother, but because he provides results.

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